War Stories! Great Sites to Visit

B-2/501st 1st Inf (101st ABN Div) RVN 67-72, Check it out!

ADG Association, Royal Australian Air Defense Guard: Check out the base photos!

Vietnam War, Marcus Wendel's History and more! Check it out!

Heading 4 War!, Vietnam Picture Tour!

Larry's Homepage, Vietnam Blindbat! Photo, jokes and awards!

A1C Gary F. Plunkett, 558TFS Cam Ranh Bay Republic of South Vietnam. An Airman's story of arrival, service, sacrifice, and home coming!

Welcome to Hank's Home Page 1/327 Tiger Force Airborne Recon! Photo Gallery, War Stories, Unit History, and more!

229th Aviation Battalion(Assault Helicopter) 1st Air Calvary Division, Winged Assault! Check it out.

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia, is an outstanding must visit site packed with references, resources, memorials, and educational information on Australia's actions in the Vietnam War. Check out the viewpoints from Down Under!

1st Cav Medic(Airmobile), "This was a fierce fire-fight...so intense we were forced to leave five of our dead plus two crew members from a downed Loach in no man's land. During this time, we were able to continuously watch freedom-birds flying in and out of Ben Hoi. This contradiction of death and returning home made us look deep into our souls and wonder if we would ever get out of this living hell alive."

FMF Doc's Sick Bay, a page for Corpsmen , DT's and Marines!

75th Air Police, 1952-1955, Texas-Korea!

IN HELL WITH DRAGONS, a Vietnam War Biography by Rick Shaffer. True story and daily chronicle of an Infantryman's perspective with the "Golden Dragons" of the 25th Infantry Division.

National 4th Infantry Div Assn The National 4th Infantry Div Assn is made up of all veterans of the US Army's 4th Infantry Div.

American Veterans Collection: An excellent site for PTSD workshops.

Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search : Find a friend, leave a message!

T.J.'s "In Country" Page : Bravo Co., 77th Armor, 1/5 Inf. Division (Mech.)!

Reflections Of Vietnam : A from-the-heart site!

Effbee's Spot on the Web : A must read of a Lieutenant's (Class of 1968-1969), point of view, PIO, First Infantry Division!

B-52 Gunner's Web Site : B-52 Bombers homepage with Air Force links!

Doc Bunner's Home Page : Check out Doc's Memories of A Wounded Corpsman!

Soldiers Of The Cross : Christian Ministry to Vietnam Vets

Tales of a War Far Away : War Stories of my experiences in Vietnam!

588th Engineer Battalion Combat)(Army) Alumni Website : Stories long & short,from Vets around the world. A lot to see!

VetNet : An inspirational Veteran's page. You will enjoy the time there!

The Drop Zone Virtual Museum, is dedicated to preserving human history by examining the oral histories, testimonies, and artifacts of the participants. WW11 War Stories!

A Year On The Jumpin' Jack A new Vietvet page, and one to keep an eye on!

Drew's World of Choppers : Outstanding combat and aerial photos! This page is brutal, unstructured, politically in-correct, and honesty.

Karl's Korner : A great Vietvet page! Try it, you'll like it!

Vietnam Remembered: Dedicated to KIA Cpl. Stephen E. Austin, 1/27 Marines "C" Company.

Jim Henthorn's Vietnam Vet Page! Dedicated to the Men and Women of the Air Commando and Special Operations Units of the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps!: Great Photos, Original Maps, Good links--this is a Vietvet Page to Bookmark!

The Moving Wall's Itinerary.

Polecat's Home Page Read "Little Green Bugs|" first, it's short, but I wasn't. ;-)

Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association If you don't know who the world's  greatest fighter pilot is ... It ain't you!!

The Vietnam Pictures Archive at Sunrise: Vietnam Poetry, Slideshow, Plus!

Vietnam: Yesterday and Today : The War; Studying, Teaching, and Fantastic Research information.

Casualties:US vs NVA/VC N.Vietnam casualty data: "It seems as though our body counts were too low!"

1st Bn 69th Armor: Black Panther Awesome Armor Photo Collection!

U.S. Army Vietnam Combat Art Gotta see it!

Remembrance images and Memories from Vietnam Past. A collection of "galleries" containing imagery, stories, poems, songs, maps, and narratives from the Vietnam War.

ARVNs Are Useless Close Encounters: Joint manoever operation!

Vietnam Era Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Database: of 131,403 files pertaining to U.S. military personnel KIA, MIA, or POW in Southeast Asia during or after the Vietnam War.

Paratroopers of the 50's The Deadly Angels Korean War homepage! Photos of aircraft still used during the Vietnam War.

The 1970s Clark Air Base K-9 Homepage


Vietnam Veterans' War Stories!

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