Bong Son
C/2/12 of the First Cav

© (2000) by Ron Harris

I was with C/2/12 of the First Cav in the early part of 1967. My platoon was crossing a rice paddy in Bong Son slushing through the mud but fairly alert because we were out in the open. We decided to take our break when we reached the higher ground -- it was an abandoned villiage with some nice coconut trees providing shade.

A cool breeze was gently blowing on my face when out of nowhere three black-clad Viet Cong just popped-up from the rice paddy from where we had just crossed! They just stood there looking at us. I don't know which of us started shooting first but it didn't take long for EVERYONE to open up.

It was a rediculous overkill but finally the LT yelled CEASEFIRE! CEASEFIRE! He had us then line-up to sweep the rice paddy for our three dead cong.

We walked out to the spot where they should have been -- everyone was puzzled -- there was no question they were dead. The LT instructed us to continue on to sweep another 50 yards, and about halfway -- there BEHIND US the 3 Viet Cong popped-up again -- only this time with  big grins on their faces!

We were shocked to say the least that not one of them was even hit by a single bullet from us. We not only missed them but could'nt even find them. If they hadn't of surrendered we'd still be looking for 'em !

Ron Harris