Jane Fonda's

Wish Upon a Red Star
Story by MGYSGTM
Hanoi: Jane Fonda
(Photo courtesy of: by Gene Kuentzler, WS LM-10)
Hanoi: Jane Fonda pictured July 7, 1972 sitting in the gunner's seat of an enemy Anti-Aircraft gun pretending to take aim at American planes. She was quoted as saying, "I wish I had one of those blue eyed murderers in my sight." Jane Fonda's anti-American-ism is slowly being accepted by the American Public.


Movieland California: I came home from Vietnam and starting shooting blanks, but it had nothing to do with Agent Orange. Just read about those two low lifes Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden--they deserved each other!
      I was in Vietnam as a grunt (1966-1967) and never heard of Jane Fonda until I came home. Ironically, and as an interesting side-note, I got to shoot at Jane Fonda--unfortunately, it was a Movie prop gun with blanks. I was an extra (actor) during the filming of Steelyard Blues. It was made in the early 70's and I was a security guard going to college on the GI Bill.
      The security outfit I worked for sent all of its people up to Santa Rosa, California, to take part in the movie. We played the cops that drive up to the airplane that Jane Fonda and Donald Southerland are about to take off in, but they escape and blow up the plane.
      And there I am ... one of the movie cops shooting at Jane Fonda--and I wouldn't have missed! (Just kiddin' Jane ...)

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