Marble Mountain Moon ...

USO Tour
282nd Assault Helicopter, Company (BLACKCATS)

by: Gary McClendon, WS LM-56
© 1999

Marble Moutain, near Đà Nẵng - 1967

Now this ain't no crap ... (for you folks who did not go to VN, this is the way it has to start): When I was in the 282nd Assault Helicopter Company (BLACKCATS) at Marble Moutain, near Đà Nẵng in 1967, we had a USO tour visit us. A guy with the last name of Grant was in charge (he organized a lot of the tours). Anyway, a bunch of beautiful girls were part of the show ... they were having lunch in our mess hall and just prior to lunch the girls visited the latrine. They were all wearing mini-skirts when they later entered the Mess Hall at the door that led into the Officers' Mess.
      One of the girls had caught the back of her skirt in her panties when she pulled them up ... it was such a beautiful sight when she walked by and she was the last one to enter. We all sat there in silent shock appreciating the moon---actually about a 1/5 moon but the thighs were the real attention getter. She walked through the enlisted section to the serving-line and no one said a word ... no cat calls, hollering, or anything you might expect ... which made me proud. Total silence with everyone in awe.
      A few minutes later, one of the other girls noticed and told her ... because of no big ruckus being made by the men she suffered no embarrassment. Goes to show---we all can be gentlemen, especially when you know it will spoil the view.

Gary McClendon
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