All Along . . .
. . . The Watchtower
By: Adam Holloman,
Copyright © 1998

Đông Hà, 1969 - All Along the Watchtower, by Jimmi Hendrix, was sent to me in Vietnam, by my brother, and was playing on some hill in the DMZ, north of DONG HA, as we watched a Huey shot down by mortar fire, over a mile away---and we couldn't help.... More lost and gone stories . . . Loved Jimmi though . . . 1969.

Animation by Don Poss

The above short story was sent to me over a year ago. I have thought of it many times, as I too have watched helplessly as men died in aircraft explosions. In a way it typifies what War Stories is meant to be in that a lingering memory of 30 years can have as much power as a well written event. It is, in its way, a simple tale that touches the button that revives a fellow brother's memory and his acknowledgment: . . . that's the way I remember it too.

Don Poss

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