1971: 52 Cards and a Wakeup!

by, James R. Randall
(© Copyright, 2000)

483rd SPS Cam Ranh Bay, 1970

I'm sending an attachment of a calender I made and tacked up on my hooch wall at Cam Ranh Bay in 1970. My Deros date was January 12, 1971, so as you can see I have a big twelve circled in red, also during the flight over one of the Stewardess gave me a deck of playing cards, seeing as there are 52 cards in the deck and I had 52 weeks to serve I figured would send one card home a week, I started with the Ace of Spades and planned on carrying the Ace of Hearts home to my wife, I never got that far, I was called home on emergency leave on September 15th, 1970 and never returned to Vietnam, it was actually a sad occasion because I never got the chance to say good-bye to any of my friends, I regretted that for 30 years until I found the VSPA web site, I finally found one of my hooch mates, Wayne Kasper, and closed that chapter of my life. Thanks, the cards have long since disappeared but the memories remain.


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