Christmas, 1966
Letters Home

by: Frank Pilson


I Came across my letters home 30 years ago from Nam.
Just a simple letter home about Christmas....


December 24, and 25, 1966

Dear Mom and Dad:

Hi Mom. Well it is Christmas Eve in Vietnam. It sure doesn't feel or look like Christmas yet---no snow.
  G I's adjust to any situation even in Nam. We will not forget our Savior's birth. It is my last Christmas away from home. War doesn't seem to be far away. Some how war and Christmas due not mix but in Nam anything is possible. The USAF is flying combat missions today.
  Truces look good on paper but not here in Nam. There is no truce here, just more hard work. This is just a letter telling you how I feel about Christmas, war and Nam. War is never funny. It is very hard time for me over here missing you and dad.
  Why are we here? To fight and die for somebody, WHO ??? I am a little mad, nobody told me that I would be fighting a war many miles away from home. For whom? Beats me ....
  I am working mids. So it will be a pleasant way to spend Christmas day. So, a Merry Christmas to all.

Love, Frank


December 26, 1966

Dear Mom,

Well Christmas is over and I slept the whole day. I woke up and went to mass at 5:30 p.m. It was a quiet day in Nam. I think Christmas tore me more than any other day. So Christmas is history, and I will be home next year.

Love, Frank


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