Christmas 1999
Dear All:

Wish I had time to send all of you a personal note. Rest assured, as I clicked through my "Address Book", I had all of you collectively and individually in mind. I rather much would have preferred to have sent the attached "card" on the 30th anniversary of when I had first sent it.

src="https://www.war-stories.com/images/jagosz-xmas66.jpg" target="_blank">Vietnam Christmas Card: Seasons Greetings, From the 25th Infantry Division.Fortunately (or not), my mom had saved it along with everything else. Many of you will probably remember having sent it yourself during Christmas, 1966. It was genuinely "Government Issue" at the time.

Being much younger (28) and sillier at the time, I remember adding for some of my more understanding friends some "gallows humour" type captions under the three GI's depicted, such as, "Wow! Look at that variable time (VT) air burst! Mercy! It just zapped those poor 'camel jockeys'!" I'll refrain from such irreverent comments this time.

Before my thinking gets any more tangential, I want to wish all of you and yours a happy and holy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thanks for all of the good wishes I've received from so many of you.

Best regards and may God's blessings be on you all.

Theodore T. Jagosz

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