Bong Son Caves
South China Sea Coastline

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D/4/31 196 Lt Inf Bde
TayNinh 12/66-04/67 -  TamKy 04/67-12/67


Bong Son Caves, 1967: I was with A 1/7th 1st Cav Div. I believe it was early 1967, we were operating on the South China Sea coast in Bong Son. We had made a large sweep to the coast and the shoreline was honeycombed with natural caves in the huge rocks, so we had to go down and get them out. I was a skinney squad leader with second platoon and when i decended into the crevas i found two chicom stick grenades and bloody rags. I moved futher into the cave and found what i though was a Viet Cong's pack with black pajama material rolled up and stuffed into a large crack overhead. I laid down the 45. and shined the flashlight on it. I was afraid of boobytraps so I carefully felt to the sides for tripwires, then gentlly squeezed the pack to see if i could feel a knife or pistol -- holly crap -- it was a VC with his legs straight up in the air! He jumped down right in front of me and tookoff. I grabbed him right in the nuts and I froze with my arm still in the air. I was embarrased, scared and angry abd when I finally composed myself and chased him all through the tunnels yelling Dung Lai ... Dung Lai. He finally left through a hole above and was captured, but if he survived the war I know, like me, he will never forget that brief encounter in that Bong Son cave.

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