Rock Apes and Sergeants!

Copyright (2006) by, Sgt Randy W. Bruhn (Tiny)


lst Platoon C Troop 3rd Squadron 5th Calvery, 1968-1969: We were an armored Cav unit that ran around from Camp Eagle, north to the DMZ.  Usually attached to anybody needing aromor we worked with the 101st AB, even did some time with 3rd Marines at the Rock pile.

This particular time we were pulling security for Sea-Bees Land clearing operations in the A-Shau valley. We were in the mountains about 3 clicks from FSB Bastogne. The navy was running around tearing out jungle, we were sitting around getting really bored. I was a "new guy" having just transferred in from a grunt unit in the Delta. We had cleaned all the guns on the track, 2 M-60s, 1 .50 cal, and 4 M16s.

The driver, a big Irishman (cannot remember his name), had been messing around behind the track when I heard a thud and then him hollering basic army vulgarities. I jumped down from the track to check out his source of irritation. About 30 yards away I saw four pretty large monkeys or apes, the driver said they were " rock apes " common in the area.

One had thrown a rock and hit him in the arm. So we picked up some rocks and in short order had returned fire, the apes were more than happy to throw them back. However their fatal mistake was hitting SSG Tackett while he slept next to the track. Tackett reached into the track grabbed the M-79 grenade launcher and put an HE round right in the middle of the apes.

I guess the lesson here is don't mess with sleeping Sergeants.

Sgt Randy W. Bruhn (Tiny)
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