Ban Mê Thuột East Air Field and Camp Coryell
Home of Pyramid!
by: Joe “Bozo” Urban
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Tales from Ban Me Thuot #2: Ban Me Thuot, RVN, Home of Pyramid

Pyramid's significance of the word "Later"

You may have noticed that many Pyramiders' end their e-mails with the word “Later” and then include their name.  For example: Later, Joe “Bozo” Urban Pyramid ’66 -’67.

1966-1967: Pyramid for a Year, Friends for a Lifetime: Joe Urban, Eddie Ginner, Frenchy Bourgon.Does this have some significance? A few months ago, I had the fortune of tracking down my old roommate from BMT, Marcel "Frenchy" Bourgon.  Frenchy was a Power-Pro and also our French interpreter. He lives in El Paso, TX now. Anyway, Frenchy was coming into Tampa on a business trip and my wife and I met him for brunch and a beer in Ybor City (the New Orleans style section of Tampa).

During the course of our reminiscing, Frenchy started telling my wife that the guys from Pyramid never said "Good Bye" when they were leaving BMT for the states (or going back to “the world” as we called it). Instead of "Good Bye", they would just shake hands and say "Later"; knowing that their paths probably would not cross again.

After we left Frenchy, and were on the way home, my wife told me that she was touched by his story and almost started crying.

Anyway, now you know the significance of "Later."


Joe “Bozo” Urban,
Pyramid 66-67