Biên Hòa AB
Tet: Jan 31, 1968
by: Gary K Hille
... a trip flare went off on the perimeter and I saw people running.
I opened fire immediately ...

TET: Jan 31, 1968, I was assigned as Sat leader East end of Biên Hòa AB, My team consisted of (1) M-60 gunner, (1) grenade launcher, (1) 40 mm rifleman, and (1) rifleman. Our patrol area was the East perimeter from Bunker Hill-10 to the entrance to the airborne base, where the perimeter turned back to the west. My responsibilities, included the care and feeding of the "windy" units (sentry dogs) and Bunker Hill-10.

At approximately 0250 hours, we were told to "stand down" from our alert, and proceeded on our normal routine. We had run out of coffee and requested permission to go for coffee. As we left the chow hall we saw 122mm rockets start to impact on the perimeter and at the same time the base siren sounded. As we were already adjacent to the motor pool, we took refuge in their bunker. My fire team was first back on the air after the rockets walked-past us.

We were dispatched to a point 30 yards to the North of Bunker Hill-10. Upon arrival, we left the Jeep, went across the drainage ditch, and set up our defense line: Gunner and Riflemen together, 40mm to the right, and myself to the left.

At that time, CSC called and said they had a wounded Airman at a Listening Post South of Bunker Hill-10, and dispatched my team to pick him up. We returned to the Jeep, only to discover the clutch pedal was laying flat on the floor. I informed CSC of the situation and they dispatched the S.E. Sat Team to pick up the wounded man.

We went back across the ditch and setup positions again. Just as we got setup, a trip flare went off on the perimeter and I saw Viet Cong and NVA running from the perimeter fence and across the field where we had setup before going for more coffee resupply. I opened fire immediately and informed CSC that I was doing so--we really unloaded on the area of the trip-flare.

At that time I was the ranking NCO (SSgt) on the East perimeter. I therefore took it on myself to pull back all Windy (K-9) units, so they would not get caught in a crossfire, and also coordinated our fire with the North perimeter patrol, who kept Charlie from going too far North, and helped funnel them toward the M-60 bunker at the revetment. After they pulled back I coordinated the East perimeter defense until Capt. Maisey arrived.

(Luther Wade Young, I need to locate him as well)

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