B-52 dropping Bombs over Hanoi Vietnam.B-52 Stratofortress ...

SAM Missle

Guam to Nam
Operation Rolling Thunder:
North Vietnam &
Downtown Hanoi
March 1965 - October 1968

by: Don Poss

"A captured letter, handwritten by the political commissar of the 9th Division to his higher headquarters, reported that the Allied tactical air and B-52 strikes had been unbelievably devastating (Airwar Vietnam, 1978, by Drew Middleton, p183)." (Click on sm.Photo to view Full Size!!!)

B-52 B52 Bombs waiting to load
B52 Bombs waiting to load
B-52 500 & thousand pounders.
500 & thousand pounders
B-52, ... Lock and Load!
... Lock and Load!
B-52, Take off--wing tips flapping
Take off--wing tips flapping
B-52, ... and airborne
... and airborne
B-52, landing gear up ...
landing gear up ...
B-52, Squadron formation ...
Squadron formation ...
B-52, Tail Gunner, See any MIGS? Stinger's ready!
See any MIGS? Stinger's ready!
B-52, en route to target. Time to settle in ...
Time to settle in ...
B-52, air refueling.
3,000 miles fill-up anyone?
B-52, air refueling. Close up.
30,000 gallons round trip ...
B-52, Opening Bomb-bay doors!
Opening Bomb-bay doors!
B-52, ... and ... Bombs Away!
... and ... Bombs Away!
src="https://www.war-stories.com/images/b52-bombs-away-3.jpg" align="middle"> B-52, Bombs Away ...
Bombs Away ...
src="https://www.war-stories.com/images/b52-bombs-away-4.jpg" align="middle"> B-52, and ... Bombs Away!
and ... Bombs Away!
B-52, and ... Bombs Away!
... and ...
src="https://www.war-stories.com/images/b52-guam-06.jpg" align="middle"> B-52, and ... Bombs Away!
... Bombs ...
B-52, and ... Bombs Away!
... Aaaaaaaaaaa ...
B-52, Closing bomb bay doors.
Way-aaaaaaaaaa... Closing

B-52, bomb run completed. Let's go home.
Bomb-bay...Let's go home.

B-52, battle damaged, lands at Đà Nàng Air Base.
Đà Nẵng: One Battle-damage landing.

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I well remember Rolling Thunder because our bunks would vibrate a few inches across the plywood floor in our hooch during a strike. Đà Nẵng 1967.  The first time  this happened we didn’t have a clue what was going on but later learned it was the BUF’s at work.   No doubt it was a fearful thing to be a mile or so from a strike.


My first time to go north to the DMZ was in the back seat of a Birddog.  We were at about 6000’ and I saw what looked to me like highway construction that went on for quite a ways.  It really looked like someone had cleared the jungle and was going to build a road through it.  So like a dummy I commented to the pilot that I didn’t know we were building a road up here.  He said what are you talking about?  I said-- down there.  He said, Hell that’s a B-52 strike.  It made quite an impression on this Country Boy.   


I was also on the flight line the night a shot up B-52 tried to land and skidded off the end of the overrun into a mine field.  So very sad.  The tail gunner got out as I recall.


Great site for a proud bunch of warriors.



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